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Kidstartnow trial
12:45 PM | Saturday, December 21, 2013 | 0 Comments
I brought Bravier Boy to kidstartnow trial, as he totally know nothing about Chinese.
Can't even speak basic like, me (我), you (你).
He's in PCF nursery, attending 3 hours classes and his Chinese class only last 20minutes.
And all he knows is his Chinese name, sheng hong (圣宏) and teacher (老师).
Been wanting to bring him for some enrichment class to buck up his Chinese as Kyrene is now in Tao Nan School, most lessons are in Chinese speaking. eg. Art, Music lesson.
He really needs some foundation, so we brought him to Berries trial, but he can't seems to catch up, and refuse to go for next trial.
Oh my.
Thanks to one of my friend, Joycelyn, recommend her friend's enrichment centre, KidstartNow.
We brought Bravier Boy for his first trial.
They were in the room while parents are outside watching them through skype.
Interesting isn't it?
They make the whole program so interesting by asking the kids to select which animated character for themselves and each time they got the correct answer or follow correct instructions, they get coins.
Teacher Hong Mei has at least 20years of experience in teaching, she taught students who had ADHD before.
Bravier boy have short attention span and he's very scared of strangers.
Everytime bring him out, he would be cranky after a short while and crying to go home.
But this programs seem to interest him, perhaps more on the 'coins reward' portion.

But surprisingly, he wants to come back again.

And I tell you what, we didn't sign up the class immediately.
Just putting our name in the interest list.
Do you think it's that's all?
I dare to say, No!
They send me an email with teacher hong mei's evaluation based on the trial.
Not just that, they even email me the link of the Skype record clip that they took during class.

And there goes with Bravier first trial class with KidstartNow!

Let me furnish you some info on KidstartNow.

They are feactured on Business Times!
"Scientific studies have shown that kids learn four times faster when they are interested in the subject material.
At KidStartNow, our core focus is helping kids develop an interest in Chinese and nurture a love of reading, which naturally gives them a solid grounding for academic excellence.
That’s why KidStartNow has developed a unique curriculum that aims to help Nursery kids love Chinese and build strong foundations. Our animated storybooks, song and dance, and fun class activities make learning fun and help them develop an interest in Chinese."

some interesting character they had!

Help your child love learning Chinese today! KidStartNow's N2, K1 and K2 classes for 2014 are now open for registration.
Sign up before 1st Jan 2014 for a special 20% early-bird discount (free trial available)!
Contact us at enquiry@kidstartnow.com or 6444-8280.

My next post, will be based on Bravier's lesson with KidstartNow for past 10 weeks of lessons.
Stay tune!